Refers to the Information Systems Strategic Plan that contains the agency’s overall strategy which involves medium term (3-5 year plan) planning for its information and communications technology (ICT) thrusts, strategies and programs for development.

It indicates the ICT resource requirements of a particular agency on a per year basis.

A written expression of how an organization intends to use ICT to support its data processing and decision making processes.



  • Serves as a framework for the organization’s effort to computerize its operations.
  • Shows the organization’s intention to use ICT to help realize its vision, mission and goals.
  • Formulation of an ISSP is aimed at directing ICT application towards “mission-critical, public-service-sensitive, development-management-supportive and revenue-generating areas of the government”.

Why Agency needs an ISSP?

  • To ensure that ICT efforts are aligned with and prioritized according to the organization’s vision, mission, goals and strategies.
  • To position ICT as a strategic resource in the organization’s path to the future
  • Serves as the overall strategic plan of the organization and that ICT is just a tool, not a cure-all solution to the problems of the organization.